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The Tobecco Helix RDA Atty is one beautiful atomizer, packed with features that take your vaping to the most intuitive level reached. Utilizing 3 Air-flow adjustment rings you can dial in your exact draw desired as well as create a nice smooth vortex inside, making your build as smooth as it is powerful. Looking for a more concentrated vape? Perhaps a lighter, airy vape? The chamber size of the Tobecco Helix Atty is completely adjustable, simply twist the top cap up or down to dramatically change your atomizer to your liking. Reduce that chamber! Expand it! It is up to you.

– 304 Stainless Steel with 1 Brass Ring
– 22mm diameter
– 2mm wide posts
– Direct to coil air-hole for maximized flavor and vapor
– External airflow selection. Triple adjustable airflow allowing for full customization
– Adjustable Chamber size, create a pressurized system for more dense and flavorful vape or lighter and airy
– Dual airflow on the top cap to allow air in from the top for better swirling and draw
– Deep well
– PEEK Insulators
– Serialized
– Most anticipated RDA from Philippines