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Black Cherry Jam: Black Cherry Jam + Toast = FIRE! Can't go wrong with a slice of warm toast slathered in a sweet layer of Black Cherry Jam

Vanilla Custard: The unique dessert flavor of vanilla custard, in vape form.

Banana Custard: A Rich banana flavor mixed with a creamy custard

Mint: Have you ever had someone tell you that your breath is bad, then offer you a mint? You probably have. This is like that, without the social awkwardness.

Strawberry Banana:, capturing delicious notes of ripe bananas and luscious strawberries

Strawberry Lime: capturing the delicious flavor of sweet strawberries coupled with the pointed flavor of limes.

Mangerine Guava: This unique combination of juicy mango, tangy tangerines, and tropical guava is guaranteed to invigorate your taste buds like a delicious smoothie. The addition of a chilly menthol effect makes this vape juice as refreshing as can be.

Melon Colada: As you puff Melon Colada, you’ll feel like you’re sprawled out on a tropical island as pineapple, coconut, and melon flavors tickle your taste buds like an ice cold cocktail. If you crave mint-infused fruity flavors, this is the ultimate treat for your palate.

Banana Ice: A fruity banana flavor with a cool, menthol follow-up.

Mixed Berry IceAs you inhale Mixed Berry Ice, frozen sweet strawberries tingles on each taste bud as its sugary taste sends you off to paradise. The chilled raspberry, blackberry and blueberry give you that tangy and sweet flavor that balances all the notes in perfect harmony for a flavor that is truly uplifting.