Aegis Boost Replacement Coil For The Aegis B Series Systems


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Boost 0.2 KA1 Mesh Coil - Rated 50-58W

Boost 0.4  KA1 Mesh Coil - Rated 25-35W

Boost 0.6 KA1 Mesh Coil - Rated 15-25W

Boost 1.2 Rated 10-14W Nic Salts

Boost 0.3 Mesh - Rated 30-38W 

Check out the Geek Vape Aegis BOOST B Series Coils (5-Pack), a set of mesh coils for MTL and DL.

Coils compatible with the following devices: Z50 Kit, Aegis Boost, Aegis Boost Plus, Aegis Hero, Aegis H45, Aegis H45 RTE, Obelisk 65, Aegis Boost 2, Zeus Nano 2 Tank, Geekvape M100 Kit