Innokin Ares Finale RTA

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Dual Airflow Adjustment for A Wide Airflow Range

Adopting an adjustable internal airflow controller beneath the coil, Ares Finale helps MTL vapers to find the perfect draw to unlock the complex layers of flavour from your favorite e-liquid.

Vortex Bell for Flavour Concentration

With its unique vortex bell, Ares Finale can concentrate vapour greatly to enhance flavour production.

Easy-to-build Minimalist Deck

Ares Finale's drop in style deck allows for easy coil installation, with clear wicking channel guides that help even beginners create the perfect build.

Convenient Top Fill Design

Refill on the go with Ares Finale's simple quarter turn locking top cap system. Up to 4.5mL of e-liquid capacity as standard.(2mL TPD version also available)

Detachable Structure

The Ares Finale allows for full disassembly, which means peace of mind when its time to clean your device.

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