Black Flag Original by Five Pawns - ***Limited Edition ***

Five Pawns

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We are producing a small batch of Black Flag Risen (Original- without the flue cured tobacco) for a few raving fans.  ♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️

Five Pawns has perfected the uniquely original flavor profile known as Black Flag Fallen by listening to our customers and reacting to their wants and needs.
Black Flag Risen has been cultured to eliminate the second hand vapor aroma in Black Flag Fallen’s debut.
This lighter and creamier version of the original is sure to be more of an all day offering with the revisions made to this latest rendition.
Notes: Decaffeinated cappuccino infused with a light truffle cream, accentuated with mocha dusted black walnut. This is a lusciously dark liquid.

The Black Flag Risen flavor profile is complex and includes 11 different flavor components to achieve the desired result.   These flavors help us accomplish a sweet flavor without utilizing artificial sweeteners, along with the nicotine and light exposure can cause a darker eliquid.  This   

Limited to 3 per customer. 60ml bottles.

 VG/PG: 50/50

* Due to compliance with current CPSC, we have stopped using glass bottles, despite our affinity for quality and glass.