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Introducing the Fifty Bar, the ultimate companion that combines convenience and innovation. In addition to its cutting-edge features, this sleek and compact device is designed to elevate your experience. Fifty Bar features advanced mesh coil technology, providing consistent and flavorful production with every puff. With built-in anti-burn technology, dry hits are no longer an issue, ensuring a pleasant experience. The most important feature of Fifty Bar is the fact that it includes Beard Vape Co. flavors, so you can be confident you're getting top-quality American e-liquid!

Introducing Variety Pack Prices!

Choose from a 3pk, or a 5pk - and try all the flavors!


  • Rechargeable via USB Type-C (USB cable not included)
  • Mesh coil technology
  • Anti burn technology
  • 16ml capacity
  • Available in 5% nicotine strength
  • Approximately ~6500 puffs per device

Flavor Profiles

      • Blueberry Cereal Donut Milk: Enjoy the delicious taste of blueberries, cereal, donuts, and milk into one complex flavor.
      • Cinnamon Funnel Cake: A sweet and fluffy funnel cake flavor with a hint of cinnamon.
      • Strawberry Cereal Donut Milk: A sweet and fruity flavor with hints of strawberry, cereal, and milk.
      • Aloe Grapple Watermelon: A refreshing blend of sweet watermelon, tart grape, and tart apple, with a hint of aloe.
      • Blue Razzle Ice: A tart and tangy blend of blueberries, raspberries, and apples, with a cool menthol finish.
      • Diamond Peach Ice: A sweet and juicy peach flavor with a cool menthol finish.
      • Vanilla Custard: A rich and creamy vanilla custard flavor.
      • Pink Squares:  Your favorite pink chewy candy, unwrapped.
      • Aloe Kiwi Strawberry: The perfect combination of tart kiwi and sweet strawberry, with a smooth aloe finish.
      • Kyoho Grape Jelly: Smooth, refreshing grape flavor with a twist
      • Mint:  Well... it's just the perfect mint flavor!
      • Pacific Cooler: Take a trip to Baja with a trio of tropical mango, pineapple, and lime.
      • Triple Watermelon: Sweet, juicy watermelon, x3, and without the seeds.
      • Apple Super Strudel: A delectable creation that takes you on a journey to the heart of Bavaria with every puff. Imagine biting into fresh, crisp apples wrapped in a warm, buttery strudel pastry.
      • Blueberry Super Strudel: Picture the bursting sensation of sweet and slightly tangy blueberries nestled in a flaky strudel crust, glazed with a creamy frosting, and touched by a subtle note of cream cheese
      • Strawberry Super Strudel: Each draw enfolds you with the taste of lush, ripe strawberries enveloped in a delicate, flaky strudel and finished with a whisper of cream.
      • Milky Loops: It offers a swirl of fruity flavors frosted with sugar and drenched in a velvet-rich cream milk.
      • Butterbean: A butterscotch and vanilla bean custard flavor. A fusion of rich, golden butterscotch with smooth, creamy custard notes.