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Five Pawns

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Five Pawns brings you sample packs for you to try all the flavors in their different lines, The Original Series Collection, The Legacy Collection and The Orchard Collection. Each pack includes 5 different flavors in 3mg 10mL bottles.

Original Series by Five Pawns in 10mL Sample Sizes
1x Black Flag Risen
1x Bowden's Mate
1x Castle Long
1x Gambit
1x Grandmaster

Legacy Collection by Five Pawns in 10mL Sample Sizes
1x Poet - Sweet Black Tea
1x Vape Orenda - Whirling Dervish
1x District One21 - Salted Caramel
1x The Plume Room - Banana Pudding
1x Villain Vapors - Dillinger 

Orchard Blends by Five Pawns E-Liquid Flavors in 10mL Sample Sizes
1x Berry Limeade
1x Mango Passion
1x Melon Mash
1x Nana Berry

1x Pineapple Kiwi

Orchard Blends ICE by Five Pawns E-Liquid Flavors in 10mL Sample Sizes
1x Berry Limeade Ice
1x Mango Passion Ice
1x Melon Mash Ice
1x Nana Berry Ice
1x Pineapple Kiwi Ice