Monster Bar

Monster Bar

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Monster bars have finally been restocked!  Get them while you can.  

For a limited time:  buy 5 bars for $50...... discount will show up in your cart :)  mix and match

Approximately 3,500 puffs, with a smooth 5% Nicotine level

For the most accurate pricing, flavors, and brands come on in! May be running low on some of your favorite flavors! 

Banana Ice: A fruity banana flavor with a cool, menthol follow-up.

Passionfruit Orange Guava: Passionfruit, Oranges, and Guavas all meet together to plan a heist, becoming a delicious vape juice.

Passionfruit Orange Guava Ice: Passionfruit, Orange, and Guava fused together with an icy cool finish.

Mixed Berry: A fantastic blend of your favorite fruits without the icy finish of menthol.

Mixed Berry Ice: A fantastic blend of your favorite fruits with the icy finish of menthol.

Strawberry Banana: Sweet, bright fruit medley. A tantalizing mashup of sweet strawberry and smooth banana.

Strawberry Banana Ice: is a cool twist on our sweet, bright fruit medley. We added an icy burst to the tantalizing mashup of sweet strawberry and smooth banana for a vape that keeps you cool all day long.

Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate: As the name says, it's Strawberry, Kiwi, and Pomegranate all mixed together. It's also delicious.

Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate Ice: Strawberry, Kiwi, and Pomegranate, all three, are combined with cool menthol.

Mango Peach Guava: Mangos and guavas are great together already, but what if... they added peaches? If you want to find out, you'll need to get this juice!

Mango Peach Guava Ice: It's like you've stuffed a mango, a peach, and guava in your mouth and then added a few ice cubes.

Blueberry Raspberry Lemon: Have you ever smashed a blueberry into a raspberry, crammed them both into a lemon, and then shoved all of that into your mouth? If so, you're a weirdo. Just get this juice instead, and make your hobbies that much easier, dude.

Blueberry Raspberry Lemon Ice: Its blueberries and raspberries with a lemon blended in for tartness and a cool exhale. 

Banana Custard: A Rich banana flavor mixed with a creamy custard

Butterscotch Custard: A luxuriously creamy Custard enhanced with velvet-rich Butterscotch for an overall delectable taste!

Vanilla Custard: The unique dessert flavor of vanilla custard, in vape form.

Strawberry Custard: Just like the flavor before it, this is a delicious dessert flavor with strawberry goodness.

Mint: Have you ever had someone tell you that your breath is bad, then offer you a mint? You probably have. This is like that, without the social awkwardness.

Smooth Tobacco: The familiar taste of Tobacco, with a smooth, classic flavor.

Blackberry Jam: Buttery toast, slathered with a sweet Blackberry Jam

Blueberry Jam: Blueberry-flavored, sweet jam flavor, without the hassle of making a sandwich or toast or something. Skip the bread!

Strawberry Jam: Same as the blueberry version, but with just as little sandwich prep.

The Milk Berry Crunch: A sweet bowl of Berry crunch cereal

The Milk Cinnamon: This delightful treat is pretty straightforward. Since just about everyone asked us to do it, we present to you a cinnamony, toasted, crunchy milk.

The Milk Fruity: A fruity medley that yields an intense yet balanced flavor of fruit cereal steeped in milk.

PB & Banana Jam: Exactly like a peanut butter and banana sandwich!

PB & Grape Jam: This sweet and savory grape vape juice combines the salty, creamy flavour of peanut butter spread over buttered toast with a kick of sweet grape jelly

Blueberry Lemonade: The very best thing about summer, now in an e-liquid! Blueberry Lemonade Monster starts with freshly squeezed lemonade and finishes with a refreshing burst of fresh-picked, sweet blueberry, perfect for every day!

Pink Lemonade: The very best thing about summer, now in an e-liquid! Pink Lemonade Monster is refreshingly sweet and bright, perfect for every day!

Strawberry Lemonade: The very best thing about summer, now in an e-liquid! Strawberry Lemonade Monster starts with freshly squeezed lemonade and finishes with a refreshing burst of sweet strawberries, perfect for every day!

Watermelon Lemonade: Watermelon Lemonade is a freshly squeezed Lemonade infused with bright fruits that never fails to satisfy on the hottest days of the summer season. It’s a delectable mixture that’s both sweet and sour from combining the tanginess of ripe, yellow lemons with the sweetness of freshly picked watermelons.