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The Authentic Wotofo & MR.JUSTRIGHT1 Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer is made from stainless steel in 28.5mm diameter.
Wanna level up your single-mesh ? Enter the Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA! Once again, collaborated with Mrjustright1 in hope to bring excellent to rs!
With Profile PS, youre in the safe zone with ohms law when building with dual mesh coils of low resistance. How? Turn the usual parallel deck into a series deck!
A series deck will get you 4 times the resistance from the same build on a parallel deck (parallel deck design is basically the standard design for dual coil RDAs on the market).
So now you can have either parallel builds or series builds of dual mesh coils on only one deck, with just an easy switch of the pin!
Flexible honeycomb airflow design, smoothening air inflows and straightening it out to evenly hit on heating coils for greater efficiency.
In addition to direct dripping method of feeding, the Profile PS is also squonkable, and it also features a massive 3ml well.
The Profile PS is very easy to build on. It has larger deck space and all the wonderful features that the original Profile deck has, like the clamp-securing system and the spring-loaded ceramic support for effective mesh-and-cotton contact.
To sum it up, you get warmer experience, mass production and fabulous delivery.

510 threading connection
RDA Type: Dual Mesh RDA
Deck Diameter: 28.5mm
Overall Height: 35.5mm (with 810 drip tip and 510 pin)
Drip Tip: 810 Resin Drip Tip
Coil Configuration: Dual Mesh in Parallel or Series
Included Mesh Resistance: 0.30ohm (series build: 0.60ohm; parallel build: 0.15ohm)
Wattage Range: 60~90W
Recommended Wattage: 75~85W
Well Capacity: 3.0ml
Feeding Method: Drip / Squonk
Airflow Type: Adjustable Side Airflow
Body Material: Stainless Steel
Insulator Material: German PEEK