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Unsalted Extreme is not your ordinary e-juice line; it's an explosion of extreme flavors that will leave your taste buds electrified. Re-creating and enhancing the disposable flavour experience in a refillable e-liquid.

Prepare yourself for a refreshing explosion of flavor with Arctic Melon Cherry, an e-liquid that perfectly balances the juiciness of ripe watermelon, the tartness of sweet cherries, and the exhilarating chill of ice.

*Now available in 500ml bottles! These are a special order, so please be patient as it may take a week or two to arrive!*

Chilled Watermelon Waves: Imagine biting into a perfectly ripe watermelon slice on a hot summer day. That's the sensation you'll experience with Arctic Melon Cherry. The watermelon flavor is juicy, sweet, and incredibly refreshing, reminiscent of a cool melon on a sun-soaked afternoon.

Tart Cherry Zing: Infused with the essence of plump cherries, this e-liquid offers a delightful tartness that balances the sweetness of the watermelon. Each inhale delivers a burst of cherry zing, adding depth and complexity to the overall profile. The cherries provide a satisfying contrast, enhancing the flavor journey with every puff.

Icy Freshness: But what truly sets Arctic Melon Cherry apart is its ice-cold exhale. The addition of menthol creates an exhilarating sensation, transforming the fruity blend into a frozen delight. The icy exhale leaves a refreshing coolness on your palate, making it perfect for vapers who crave a frosty twist in their vape experience.

Aroma of Summer: The aroma of Arctic Melon Cherry is like walking through a summer orchard. The sweet, mouthwatering scent of watermelon blends harmoniously with the tangy aroma of cherries, creating an irresistible fragrance that lingers in the air. Each whiff is a promise of the deliciously chilled vape adventure that awaits.

Perfect All-Season Vape: Arctic Melon Cherry: Ice-Cold Fusion is not just a flavor; it's an experience. Whether you're seeking relief from the summer heat or craving a refreshing pick-me-up in the winter, this e-liquid is your perfect all-season companion. Its fusion of flavors and the icy exhale make it a go-to choice for vapers who enjoy the thrill of a frosty, fruity vape.

Embrace the Chill: Arctic Melon Cherry invites you to embrace the chill and indulge in the exquisite fusion of watermelon, cherry, and ice. Every inhale is a journey through a frozen orchard, and every exhale is a breath of icy freshness. Experience the perfect harmony of flavors today and let your taste buds revel in the Arctic adventure.

VG/PG: 50/50