ICE UnSalted - Watermelon Peach Iced


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Grab two 60mls for a special surprise!

*Now available in 500ml bottles! These orders are a special order, so please be patient as it may take a week or two to arrive!*

Perfectly balanced blend of fresh watermelon with airy peach highlights

Unsalted Watermelon Peach E-Liquid is Phil Busardo's addition to the Unsalted Line. Enjoy a clean juicy Peach with sweet Watermelon. NOW ON ICE! A unique fruity e-liquid blend that you're sure to enjoy.

VG/PG: 50/50
"Watermelon Peach is a juicy peach, sweet watermelon with a touch of ice. Enjoy a refreshingly delicious fruity menthol to brighten up your day."