White Chocolate Mocha

Nitro's Cold Brew

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Each inhale offers up delicious mocha that will splash on the taste buds, invigorating your palate. Then, gooey white chocolate will coat your sweet tooth. As you exhale, your tongue is treated to a bath of creamy milk along with a slight cooling sensation.

VG/PG: 80/20

"There is just something about the blend of rich, nutty espresso and silky, creamy white chocolate that sends the taste buds into a state of ecstasy. Finally, coffee lovers can indulge in this luxurious flavor blend while they hit their pod mod. White Chocolate Mocha By Nitro’s Cold Brew Salted Blends is a smooth, seductive, and satisfyingly sweet coffee beverage with a creamy finish. On the inhale, the earthiness of the espresso makes your taste buds salivate. The espresso becomes nuttier and richer while a stream of fresh, frothy milk rushes across the tongue. A sprinkle of sweetness lands on the sweet tooth as the white chocolate syrup smothers your palate on the exhale."